How To Save An Extra $1,500 For Travel In 2020: 3 Fun Strategies

Ready to cross that dream destination off your bucket list? As the world welcomes another decade, it’s natural to crave grand trips and adventures – whether alone or with your loved ones.  However, while it’s easy to daydream about discovering every inch of the world, actually funding your travel is a different case.

If you’re one of the many people who dream of seeing their dream destinations in 2020, it’s best to be prepared in advance. You will need to prepare the necessary capital that will fund your much-awaited trip. Whether you’re eyeing to go on a local tour or wanting to see popular spots overseas, now is the time to save up and prepare for the journey.

To help you complete your wishlist in 2020 without breaking your bank account, we have collected three fun strategies that will help you save an extra $1,500 for your next trip. Curious to know what these fun strategies are? Read below to learn about them.


1. Set A Budget

What better way to start funding your dream travel other than setting a budget that will cover all your pre-planned tours and activities? Since traveling always comes with a cost, it’s best to know in advance how much money you will need for your next trip.

To do so, it’s wise to identify what you want to do and what you want to achieve during the trip. This includes identifying the place you’ll be going to, the day-to-day activities you’ll be engaging in, and the food you’ll be trying out during the trip. This way, you can have a rough estimate of how much money you’ll need. Thus, you can calculate how much cash you need to save before the time of the travel finally comes.

Not only will this help you set aside enough funds for your travels, but it will also enable you to follow a particular itinerary that will most likely prevent you from overspending during your trip.

2. Secure Extra Income From Freelance Work

Of course, saving money doesn’t come naturally to most people. For some, this means changing their lifestyle and sacrificing tons of other things (from their Netflix subscriptions to their extravagant “me” time). However, if you’re serious about setting out on a grand trip this year, it won’t hurt to try out some freelance work that will provide you extra income to add to your savings.

Although this might take up a portion of your free time, taking on freelance work doesn’t need to be all-out torture. With the presence of many home-based job opportunities available, you can now freely look for job positions that are related to your passion. Such jobs could include writing, editing, or even modeling. Not only will this help you save up the even bigger amount of cash for your 2020 travel, but it will also help you develop your talents in other fields as well.

3. Sell Some Of Your Belongings

Stumped on what you should do with your extra items? Instead of leaving them somewhere to break or rot, it’s best to make something useful out of them. Whether it be some rarely-used clothes, an old but still functional device, or some other unused items, it’s wise to put them up for a sale. Not only will this help you extract additional funds for your travel, but it will also allow you to skip the hassle of having to keep things that are no longer of use to you.


The Bottom Line

New year, new travel! Whether you want to go on solo trips or a group escapade, it’s smart to save up some extra cash in advance in order to ensure that you’ll never run out of money. Be sure to keep these three fun strategies in mind when you decide to set out on a grand trip this year!