Have an Active Summer in Boracay!

A small island located in the Visayan part of the Philippines, Boracay has been one of the top tourist destinations in the country for local and international visitors. The picturesque island is lined with palm trees, bars, hotels, and restaurants; the charm of the island has never faded. While others chose Boracay as their yearly destination, some people consider transferring permanently to the island.

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Boracay has been known as a luxury destination for others since most of the famous hotel chains have branched out on the island. However, Boracay has a lot to offer. Aside from hotels, there are also cheap accommodations and homestays where a tourist can live with the locals.

The island is also famous for hosting summer nightlife events like LaBoracay. As the island is now returning its image as a sustainable tourism destination, the government made the parties restricted to bars and hotels only.

Aside from the 4-kilometer stretch of white sand, the island offers an international range of cuisines that can satisfy a foreigner’s tastebuds. Since most of its visitors are from other countries, the cuisines offered by the restaurants around the island are French, Australian, Chinese, German, Korean, Thai, Italian, and a lot more. It has become a primary choice for foreigners who visit the Philippines.

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The Famous Boracay

Most tourists spend a week or so on the island because of the Boracay tour. The tourists can explore islands that are far from the three stations common to the tourists. First-time visitors get to enjoy unspoiled beaches with very few guests. The water activities are also thrilling and are surely going to maximize every tourists’ adrenaline.

Island Hopping

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One of the destinations for island hopping is Puka Beach. It has been famous for sighting flying foxes and regular bats. Coconut drinks can also be enjoyed while visiting Puka Beach, as well as the souvenir shops which sell various keepsakes from the island.

Diniwid Beach is also one of the destinations for island hopping.

It is best visited during sunrise or sunset. The rock formations can be climbed by extra adventurous tourists. Diniwid Beach is not the biggest on the island but it also has bars and restaurants where guests can enjoy live music.

Contrary to its name, Crocodile Island is an inhabited one that is recognized as the top scuba diving site in Boracay. Its coral reefs are home to the wide variety of fishes that scuba divers consider paradise.

Water Activities

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A lot of locals are offering water activities that can be a great way to bond with family and friends. Banana boats are large inflatable boats that can accommodate up to 20 people. As guests have strapped on their life jackets, a speedboat will pull out the banana boat with twists and turns at speed.

Another inflatable ride that Boracay offers is the Fly Fish. It is pulled by a speedboat which lets the passengers experience weightlessness as it hovers in the air.

Jet Ski ride is also a must-try in Boracay which allows the rider to ride on the water for 15-30 minutes. It is recommended for those who love speed. For beginners, instructions are given before to ensure the rider is safe and will be able to shut off the throttle during an emergency.

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High Altitude Activities

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Fear of heights? Fear not. It enables visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of Boracay which is usually done at Bulabog Beach. Safety rules and regulations are always discussed with the visitors before starting the activity. These are best experienced during summer since the activities are weather dependent.

Windsurfing is also offered as a high-altitude activity in Boracay. With the combination of sailing and surfing, It allows the visitor to ride the waves on a surfboard which is controlled by the wind through a sail.

A lot of activities can be enjoyed in Boracay, not only the beach itself but also the fun activities offered for all ages. Beach bums will surely appreciate the place as well as the activities offered. For those who do not like vigorous activities, trying out various foods and restaurants can be done, as well as shopping and pub crawl.