Best Places to Visit in Barbados

Best Places to Visit in Barbados

The island country is part of the West Indies Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea and north of South America. Stay in one of Barbados villas for rent and explore local culture and history, which dates back to 1600 B.C. The tropical destination holds a wealth of land and water-based activities that guests regularly enjoy whether hoping to relax and indulge in adventure.

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Explore Harrison’s Cave

The living cave lies in the highlands of Barbados and became a popular attraction in 1981. The stream cave spans approximately 1.4 miles in length. The fascinating subterranean environment features flowing streams, crystal clear pools, cascading waterfalls and towering white flowstones. Points of interest include the Great Hall, which spans 45 feet. Guests have the option of taking a comfortable tram tour of the cave while a guide explains different features. Anyone having a sense of adventure might prefer embarking on an adventure tour to traverse the passages discovered by early explorers.

Learn About Pirate History

Sam Lord and Stede Bonnet were local pirates back in the day. Interestingly enough, Bonnet was a retired British military officer. Both have unique stories that explain their profitable endeavors. Guests also have the chance to venture to the nearby island of Dominica, which served as the location for filming the “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Diving enthusiasts enjoy exploring local shipwrecks. Many indulge on a cruise aboard The Jolly Roger pirate ship.

Relax on the Beach


Barbados has an abundance of beaches around the perimeter. Along the eastern coast, Bath Beach is preferred for lying in the sun or taking an occasional dip. A quick trip northward brings visitors to a refreshing waterfall and stream. The beach features picnic areas, a snack shack and bathrooms. The Soup Bowl is also along the eastern coast and within close proximity to the village called Bathsheba. The location is favored by surfers for its rolling white waters. Alleynes Bay on the west coast is also calm and ideal for swimming or snorkeling the clear water. The nearby beach bar provides the chance to enjoy a tropical cocktail or grab a bite to eat.

See Native Animals at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve

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The reserve is located in a natural mahogany forest featuring brick paths. Strolling through the location brings guests within close proximity to native deer peacocks and other small animals. The reptile and birdhouse exhibit various species of iguana, snakes, tortoises, and turtles along with parrots and other exotic birds. Venture to Grenade Hall and hand-feed the green monkeys. A snack bar offers beverages and sandwiches.

Stroll Through the Flower Forest Botanical Gardens

The location encompasses 53 acres filled with tropical trees, flowering plants and other vegetation. Take a guided or a self-guided tour of the property. Pathways take visitors through the exotic and magical environment. Seven of the acres are devoted to a wild garden filled with plants often used for cooking and alternative medicine. Outdoor seating provides the chance to sit, relax and simply enjoy the surroundings. Grab a beverage and snack at the local cafe. Venture into the gift shop where handmade crafts and food items are on display.

Swim with Sea Turtles

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Barbados has a sea turtle conservation program. Hilton Beach serves as a nesting location for the Hawksbill turtle. Venture to Carlisle Bay, don a mask and snorkel and swim out to the turtles. Opt for a catamaran turtle tour, which provides snorkeling equipment to see and swim with the turtles. The tours regularly include lunch and cocktails. Some provide the chance to swim over shipwrecks.

Tour the Mount Gay Rum Distillery

The historic site began making rum in 1703. Today, the facility welcomes visitors to tour the property and the buildings where the popular spirit is created. Guests learn about local history and the legacy of the beverage while learning about the rum-distilling process. Sample different flavors and opt for an outdoor lunch.

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Tour the Barbados Museum

The museum was established at the Garrison, which once served as the British Military Prison. Exhibits housed in the facility cover a wide range of topics. Natural history displays explain coral structures and other geological features of the island. A children’s gallery takes youngsters back in time to learn how local youth lived. Artifacts include historic maps and lavish furnishings from a local plantation house.

Visit the Sugar Museum

For hundreds of years, plantation grew sugar can and processed the product often referred to as white gold. Back in the day, the majority of work was accomplished using manual labor. Today, the mechanized industry includes 1,500 farms that produce approximately 60,000 tons of sugar each year. The museum lies on the property of the Portvale Sugar Factory. The collection of items and early machinery explain the sugar cane cultivation and sugar production process. When the factory is open from February to May, guests have the chance to see the evolution of the process.



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