Bato Springs Resort: Your 700 PHP Summer Getaway

Do you think your 700 pesos can get you nowhere? Think again. With proper research and wits, your 700 can get you to another adventure. Here’s where we went off!

Bato Springs Resort in San Pablo, Laguna

Bato Springs Resort is located in the town of San Pablo City, Laguna, two hours drive from Manila. It is located between the Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw. It was established in 1981 where it was first a river and then later on developed into a better version of what it is right now.

Bato Springs Resort is a perfect getaway to lessen the heat this summer and keep your coolness. With natural spring water flowing in the area, cold and chill vibes will surely be touching your inner hotness. Literally speaking, the water is too cold at day, and even colder at night. Refresh your way to a better day!

For only less than 700 pesos, you can get to chill, relax, swim, and enjoy in this beautifully created natural spring resort.


How to get to Bato Springs Resort?

From Manila/Buendia, ride a bus heading to Lucena. Tell the driver to drop you off at Bato Springs Resort drop off in San Pablo, Laguna. Fare from Buendia to San Pablo is 127 Php.
From the drop-off point, hire a tricycle straight to Bato Springs Resort. The ride is good for 5 people and no matter how many you are, the fixed price to the resort is 150 Php, one way.

Going back to Manila, just ride a tricycle again outside the resort and wait until a bus appears at the highway.

Entrance Fee and other Fees:

Day tour: 100 Php / 8 am to 4 pm
Overnight: 150 Php / 5 pm to 4 pm (next day)
Tent Pitching: 200 Php
Cottages: 400++ Php
Rooms: starts at 1200++
(rates are subject to change at any time)

Total Expenses: [Solo – 654+ Php] / [Duo/Couple – 1000+ Php)

Bus to San Pablo: 127 Php bato springs
Tricycle to Bato Springs: 150 Php
Entrance Fee: 100 Php (day tour)
Tricycle from Bato Springs to highway: 150 Php
Bus to Manila: 127
Extra money: FOOD


  1. Always bring extra money whenever traveling. bato springs
  2. The more you are, the lesser the expenses as everything can be divided.
  3. Parking is free. If you bring a car, you may not need to rent/use a cottage.
  4. You can go inside with just the entrance fee. There are lockers available so you might need to just rent those if you need to.
  5. It is advisable to bring your own tents, especially on overnight trips to the resort.
  6. Warning: The water is very cold. Very good for swimming at day, you might catch a cold when you swim at night.

Actually, you can also bring your hammock and relax in every corner. Swing yourself with delight.

You may also bring your own food. It’s also a family-friendly resort! Company team building (swimming) can also be held here.

Bato Springs Resort is more relaxed when visited at day and during weekdays. It might get too crowded for weekend trips and there are chances you might not enjoy it fully. The spring water is very clear when there are lesser people and we will go back for this scenery. bato springs


Bato Springs Resort
Telephone: 09265822822

If you have other favorite summer getaways for less than 1000, send us a message! bato springs



Bato Springs Resort: Your 700 PHP Summer Getaway
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