7 Useful Things To Know To Visit Turkey

Turkey is one of the most toured countries in the world, and folks that have even been there would not be surprised why that is the case. It is one of the most beautiful countries, with mesmerizing sceneries and bewitching historical spots that are indeed worth exploring. But before you go to your travel agent for custom tours to Turkey, it would be best if you are aware of some of the useful things that every tourist should be aware of before their trip to Turkey.

So, without any delay, have a glance at the seven useful things that one must know.

1. Check if a visa is required for traveling.

Visitors to Turkey must have a valid e-Visa to enter the country. But the best part is that the whole visa application process is that it is not only straightforward but also cheap, especially if you opt for a visa online. One can easily save a ton of time and money by simply pre-booking the visa and printing a copy.

But the very first thing you need to do is to determine whether you require an e-Visa to enter Turkey or not.

2. Always carry extra cash.

While digital payment and credit cards are widely accepted in Turkey, there are some issues with the reliability of WIFI that these systems are so reliant upon. Moreover, several cards are there that the vendors do not accept in Turkey. So, to avoid any kind of embarrassment or hassle, it would be best if you carried some extra cash around at all times. You can easily reach out to currency conversion offices and banks in the city to get local currency.

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3. Do not assume Kebabs to be all there is for cuisine.

If you have never been to Turkey, you should prepare yourself for the delicious cuisines that this country offers. And no, we are not just talking about the Kebabs and Baklava that are heavily popularized in pop culture. No, there is much more to Turkish cuisine than just these popular offerings. Prepare your taste buds to be appropriately surprised with the vast array of spices and dishes that are part of the local cuisine.

4. Cheek kisses are common.

Handshakes are reserved for strangers, with the standard greeting between friends and family being kissed on the cheeks. So, if you are being welcomed in this way by your vendors or anyone you might be familiar with, it is a way to convey friendliness. Try not to get affected by this harmless greeting.

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5. Street animals are common.

Street animals are pretty common in Turkey. You would not be surprised to find cats and dogs on the street, sometimes even more than the people. It is quite common for Turkish people to offer stray animals food, water, and even temporary shelter. In fact, you are encouraged to take part in this and offer food and water to stray animals in the country.

6. Buses are available everywhere.

Turkey has an excellent public transportation system. Whether you are looking to travel locally within a city or want to travel between towns, you can easily take advantage of this incredible public transportation system. Just hop onto the bus and easily reach your destination at the cost of private transportation.

You can even take Turkish buses to go to your airport and board your flight without worrying about being delayed as these public service buses are pretty punctual. However, if you need a better way to explore Turkey, you can avail of some Turkey Tour Packages and save the hassle.

7. Respect Muslim traditions

Turkey is a majority Muslim country, so it is widely advised that you respect local customs and traditions. It would be best to dress modestly and not to engage in the public display of affection. And while there is no law regarding one’s clothing and the PDA, it would be best not to gather unwanted attention and spoil your vacation.

When visiting Mosques that are open to visitors, women must cover their heads, shoulders, and legs. Similarly, men must also cover their legs. So, it would be best to leave your shorts and skirts at home.

Turkey is a traveler-friendly country with hundreds of tourist spots that one cannot miss out on at all costs. Simply keep the above seven valuable things in mind and enjoy your vacation with loved ones to the fullest.