5 Locations That Are Perfect for An Ice Fishing Vacation


Winters do not have to be about staying indoors, avoiding the cold while waiting for the Christmas holiday to sing the Christmas carols. You can still have fun during the cold season and create long-lasting memories with your friends, family and relatives. One fun activity you can partake in during the winter season is ice fishing.

Fishing is a universally understood and easy-to-do thing that even amateurs can do. Fishing not only allows one to connect with friends and relatives but also with the earth and self. Most people reserve fishing adventures for summers only.

However, the fun and adventure should not be limited to a specific period only. You can grab your ice fishing auger, fishing rod and other necessary fishing gear and go experience the unique adventure and escape of ice fishing. Yes, ice fishing. Beneath the four inches of frozen water are hundreds of feet of not frozen water that provide you with the tantalizing possibility of catching a tasty whitefish, trout or perch.

Here are 5 locations that are perfect for an ice fishing vacation.

1. Lake of the Woods, Minnesota, Ontario, Manitoba

Photo by Devon Hawkins on Unsplash

Situated right between the United States and Canada border, Lake Wood is considered one of the best ice fishing locations in the world. Its location makes it easy for citizens of both countries to access it. The 7

0 miles (110 km) long and wide lake is the largest freshwater lake in the US and the 36 largest worldwide by surface area.

Lake of the Woods is famous for its vast population of northern pike, smallmouth bass, crappie, lake trout, walleye, perch, muskellunge, largemouth bass, panfish, lake sturgeon and sauger. The lake has plenty of fish houses, but they are constantly moving during the winters depending on where the fish are.

Guides patrolling the ice offer help in tracking schools of fish and where to drop a line to make a kill. The lake also has camping sites and toilet facilities for guests willing to stay for a few days.


2. Devils Lake, North Dakota

Photo by Fineas Anton on Unsplash

Famous for fishing and water sports, Devils Lake is referred to as the perch capital of the world. The lake’s shoreline experiences a wide range of ice sports and ice fishing during the winter. You are guaranteed to catch plenty of fish on this lake regardless of your ice fishing spot.

Other sought-after catches apart from perch are northern pike and walleye. You can also find white bass and crappie on the lake. You can visit Devils Lake from mid-December to March to have an ice fishing vacation. Devils Lake also hosts the annual DLVFD Ice Fishing Tournament, held between the 27th and 29th of January.

3. Antero Reservoir, Colorado

If you are in Denver during the winter and would want to have a sizzling ice fishing adventure, Antero Reservoir would be more than willing to offer that to you. Thanks to the reservoir’s abundance of brown trout, kokanee salmon, splake, greenback cutthroat, freshwater shrimp, brook trout and rainbow trout, you are assured of getting a trophy-sized fish. The giant fish are due to the lake’s unique fertility and shallowness, making the waters relatively warm.

Along the banks of the lake is the Mountain River Lodge, where you can spend nights as you wait for the sun to rise so that you can make another catch.

4. Higgins Lake, Michigan

Photo by Chris Pagan on Unsplash

When the words fishing and Michigan are mentioned in the same sentence, most people think of Lake Michigan. However, there is an inland lake 2 hours north of Lansing that would offer you an adventure that many ice-fishermen dreams of. The small size of this lake makes it more manageable to fish on it.

The deep waters of Higgins Lake are home to various kinds of fish, even during the coldest weather. Close to the shores, you can catch yourself a perch. Towards the center of the lake, there are trout. However, there are tons of other fish species for you to catch.

Due to the lake’s deepness, it would be best to wait until January to venture over it, as the waters take longer than usual to freeze over.

5. Lake Habeeb, Maryland

If you are interested in having an ice-fishing vacation while enjoying spectacular scenery, Lake Habeeb is the place to go. The 243-acre lake is surrounded by Rocky Gap State Park. Despite its small size, Lake Habeeb harbors various fish species, some of them growing up to 10 pounds heavy.

Some of the common catches on Lake Habeeb are bluegill, yellow perch, channel catfish, sunfish, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, crappie and largemouth bass. Near the lake is Cumberland Town which is a 10-minute drive. You can spend your night in the town’s lodges and cabins if you are on a long trip.

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