Modern Gambling in New York: The Best Sports Betting Apps

New York became a gambling hub almost overnight due to new betting laws. Sports was legalized in the state recently, with online sports betting allowed as of January. After the laws took effect, New Yorkers showed up in huge numbers to bet on big games like the Super Bowl. The latest sales numbers show that over a billion dollars worth of bets were placed in January alone. That dwarfs other states, most of which only get a few million. Needless to say, sports betting is the future of New York.

Sports betting has been legal in New York since 2021, but with the caveat of only being available in casinos. While the use of betting apps and websites was put in the measure, the license distribution and issue of infrastructure delayed the process. Then, suddenly in January 2022, the apps were allowed to open shop. This opened sports betting up to New York City, giving millions of new users a chance to get in on the fun. The city alone was enough to drive New York to record-setting numbers.

Sports Betting In NY And The US As A Whole

2022 is becoming the year of sports betting throughout the US. This comes from the majority of states passing online gambling measures and those measures finally taking effect in time for Super Bowl 2022. New York only allows sports betting, but other states are letting their people bet on online casino games, online poker, and video call table games. Yet it seems to be sports betting where most of the money is.

In 2018, the Supreme Court allowed states to legalize online gambling on their own terms by repealing an old prohibition on betting. The response from several states was to legalize online gambling during the next year, and sports betting was set up to be the biggest push of the movement. The goal for many states, including NY, was to make sports betting accessible all over the state through apps and betting stations in sports arenas like Madison Square Garden.

States like Michigan and Arizona rivaled the likes of Atlantic City when it came to monthly sports betting revenue. The way these states were able to rival big gambling cities in terms of money made is a prime example of the appeal of sports betting. And NY blew those figures out of the water with its opening numbers. It’s clear that sports betting is set to be a long-term industry and that NY will remain at the forefront of it.

The Best Sports Betting Apps

 As NY sports betting continues to establish itself, certain brands are rising to the forefront. Here are the apps to use if you want to try sports betting in NY for yourself.


As one of the best names in sports gambling, DraftKings is second to none in customer service and the number of sports offered. You can find a large selection of sports from major leagues to college sports. DraftKings is sure to be especially busy during March Madness. It’s also known for its solid rewards program. Draftkings New York provides a 20% deposit bonus up to your first $1000 deposited.


Caesars brings its iconic name brand to the table, giving it clout to partner with a lot of top sports organizations. Its app is regarded well for performance, and it offers a lot of sports. Caesars is also known for its top-tier rewards program that includes physical rewards. Its welcome bonus for NY users is up to $1500 deposit matching when you deposit $50.


The BetRivers site and app are praised for their simplicity and live streaming ability. While not as big as the above brands, BetRivers hones in on a more friendly-feeling experience. It has a great live streaming service so you can watch games as you bet on them, and social features so you can play with friends. Those who sign up with this app will get $250 in free bets after depositing $250.


FanDuel is a big name in fantasy sports and also offers sports betting services. It rivals DraftKings for the title of top sports betting app. As such, it offers reasonable odds, a great selection of sports, and a good user experience. FanDuel is very popular with first-time sports bettors due to its risk-free betting offer for new users. The FanDuel welcome bonus is Risk Free bets up to $1000.