7 Cheapest Travel SIM Cards With The Most Data & Coverage

If you are a globetrotter, you would agree with the saying that “people do not take trips but trips take people.” While travel feels rejuvenating and eye-opening, it is impossible to imagine it without a phone and a great SIM card. From tickets and reservations to navigating an unknown land, having a working phone is a must in today’s era.

With the ridiculous data charges from the local phone services and exorbitant roaming charges, travelers face great dilemmas while traveling internationally as they decide which SIM to buy. To avoid all these issues while you are enjoying your trip, it makes sense to buy the international SIM cards that fit your budget.

While they can be slightly more expensive than the local SIM cards, international SIM cards come handy for quick leisure trips, business trips, and comparatively longer trips as well. To ease all your phone-related worries, here are some of the most economic SIM cards that will streamline your international travel in a jiffy!

1. TravelSIM To Simplify All Your Travel Plans

Accessible in more than 170 countries, TravelSIM offers calls, data, and text plans across the globe. Their incoming calls are free in 130+ countries and their SIM card stays active for at least 18 months. Moreover, they have categorized countries into three zones- A, B and C, and have curated plans accordingly. While nations classified as zone A enjoy the cheapest plans, nations pigeonholed as Zone C have the most expensive plans. You can learn more about the prices at this link, visit TravelSIM’s website.

2. OneSIM For All Your Trips


A product of Belmont Telcom Inc., OneSIM has facilitated communications in the US since 1994. They assure that you could save up to 85% on roaming charges by using this exclusive SIM card which has three different types: Europe and more SIM, Expedition SIM, and Universal SIM.

What’s more, you may ask? Well, their SMS messages are free and can be sent everywhere. You may avail their outgoing calls for 25 cents/minute and data for 20 cents/MB as per their daily, weekly and monthly plans. To learn more, visit OneSIM’s website!

3. WorldSIM To Bring The World Closer


Fit for all the three slots, standard, micro, and nano, WorldSIM lets you cut your roaming costs by a whopping 95%. This card works in more than 200 countries across the globe and in more than 110 countries you may have the privilege to receive free incoming calls. Their prices vary with the country they are used in and you can buy data bundles for 90+ countries. You can learn more at WorldSIM’s website.

4.  GoSIM To Go Anywhere Without A Worry


GoSIM is also a significant SIM card company that offers coverage across 300+ countries and lets you save 90% on the roaming related costs. The best part about GoSIM is that you can access the unused credit and even airtime for 18 months. And you get free incoming calls for 130+ countries and incoming messages are also offered by them.

5.  Go Around The World With KeepGo


KeepGo offers two types of SIM cards: Smartwatch Data SIM card and Lifetime Data SIM card. The former offers coverage in more than 100 countries and their data plans expire after one year, so you don’t have to worry about a data pack that’s left unused. Moreover, their Smartwatch Data SIM card allows you to connect your smartwatch with 2G or 3G networks in more than 100 countries. 

6. Roam Without A Worry With KnowRoaming


KnowRoaming is slightly different from the other SIM cards that you may know. You can convert any SIM into KnowRoaming by placing a special sticker on your home SIM card. Another USP of KnowRoaming is that it offers free WhatsApp data that you can use for 30 days without any worries.

 7.  GigSky To Make Your Travel Smooth


Accessible in more than 120 countries, GigSky offers a dedicated data SIM card. You may choose either of their cards for regional plans in Europe, Asia, North America and non-regional plans for other countries. They offer validity for 30 days and data plans up to 5 GB.

Bottom Line

To make your card shopping easy, make sure to understand the country that you are visiting and evaluate your preferred channel for communication: text, data or calling. Accordingly, compare the SIM cards that we have mentioned and then pick the one that closely fits your requirements.