How We Found Comfort and Security thru AirBnB in Japan

It was our first night in Osaka, we barely have an idea how to commute or how could we get to our AirBnB accommodation which was provided by HiDe, our AirBnb host for 2 nights stay in Osaka. It was a cold, long night. Glad I am not alone, I am with Kimberly. We made it that far, with the help of GPS and a few good Japanese. airbnb japan

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Probably you are asking what is AirBnB? AirBnB is a platform for booking your accommodation in a unique way. May it is a hostel, an apartment, a condominium unit, or even a part of a castle, and it’s all yours for your entire booking period! Prices vary accordingly to the likes of the host.

Our first two nights were spent in Umeda. Weeks before we fly to Japan, we had already booked an accommodation via AirBnB. We spent hours on checking for cheaper but with the facilities or equipment that we might need during our stay. Even though that we will only be sleeping and getting ourselves clean up for that, it’s still important to take the factors in choosing an accommodation, especially that this is our first international trip.

We booked our hostel in Kyoto via Airbnb as well.

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We were both surprised when we saw how neat the place was. On my own opinion, I really liked the shades of blue used on the walls and on the other parts of the room. The light is also on a cool yellow shade, like the sunset. It’s pleasing to the eyes and very relaxing, and an even homey feeling. There’s also a sofa that can be converted to a bed. airbnb japan

A LED TV that I am not sure if it does have cable channels (probably local channels only). An air conditioner, where you have the option to change the room temperature with a colder or warmer feeling. You’d probably be wanting a warm room temperature because it was very cold outside. A side table with a lamp. A wardrobe where room stuff is being stocked and where you can also put your bags in. An extension cord for your devices and a FREE WIFI device! Yes, a free wifi device for your own use! You can bring it anywhere as long as you are booked.

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airbnb japan -

The kitchen has the option to use warm or cold water and a mini refrigerator to cool and preserve your food and drinks. A sink, that comes with soap and a sponge. A small water kettle and some utensils like a spoon, fork, and a few crystal glasses inside the kitchen cabinet. There’s also an automatic washing machine, but we do not know how to read Japanese Kanji so it’s just there, waiting for somebody to use her.

This is my most favourite part, the bathroom! It has a bathtub, say yes to the mini tub! I love taking a bath in bathtubs, especially with the hot water, just like an onsen! The unit’s bathroom comes with a shampoo, body shampoo (liquid soap) and a conditioner. airbnb japan

airbnb japan -

The toilet (PS. It’s an automatic toilet!), is in a separate room but is a bit small, you won’t be able to move much once you are inside the toilet room. airbnb japan

What’s so great about this AirBnB accommodation that I recommend booking your stay here?

The overall stay was really good, by that, I mean the comfort and security are there, complete relaxation can be experienced and I wish that we could go back and forth to that place every single night after our daily adventures.

Though we weren’t able to see HiDe-san in person, the stay we had was very nice and comfortable also because we had the place to ourselves.  He has other places to choose from too that is located in other places of Japan. Look for HiDe’s AirBnB suites and sure you’ll be delighted and satisfied with your stay. : )

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