CED Villas, El Nido: Modern Bahay-Kubo, 10mins away from Las Cabanas Resort!

CED Villas located in Taytay-El Nido National Highway, Sitio Bubolongan, Barangay Corong Corong,  is a rustic “plain and rural” accommodation that is only 5-10 mins away from the famous Las Cabanas Resort in El Nido, Palawan. You may call it the “modern bahay-kubo” villa.

CED Villas - www.thejerny.net

This type of unique villas is what’s booming right now. They offer low-cost, traditional, old style – kinda look for your room on the outside with an old to modern experience on the inside. The rooms or villa as they call it is made out of furnished nipa hut and wood (or bahay-kubo style, in Filipino terms). It boasts of a classic-pinoy style of living that makes it different compared to other accommodations in the vicinity.

The Location and How to Get There

CED Villas - www.thejerny.net

CED Villas - www.thejerny.net

You’ll definitely be coming from town proper when you arrive in El Nido from Puerto Princesa. From the bus terminal, you will have to ask a tricycle driver to drive you off to Brgy. Bubolongan and drop you off just before the basketball court or tell them to drop you off at Bayview Hotel and get picked up by CED Villas transport service. From our experience, Conrad, the proprietor of CED Villas, picked us up in front of Bayview Hotel.

From El Nido bus terminal, it’ll cost you about 50-100 pesos ($1-$2) to get to the villa. The best spot for CED Villas was its proximity to Las Cabanas, just 5-10 mins away, where more and more tourist goes day by day. Commuting is quite challenging during the night but there definitely are no problems within the day. CED Villas is the only rustic hotel accommodation in the area and they are already making a name because of it. The location isn’t bad, but if you are going to commute every day from town proper to villa, it’ll cost you bucks.

The Experience with CED Villas

CED Villas - www.thejerny.net

CED Villas - www.thejerny.net

We were welcomed by Conrad, the owner of CED Villas, upon our arrival in Bayview Hotel from being in town proper. After 5 to 10 mins, we’re already at the villa. It was their first week of service and we’re one of the first people to use their facilities. We will be staying for 2 days.

Suite 2 was the one designated for us. We’re both excited. We know it’s gonna be a unique experience with such a unique accommodation. The villa itself isn’t developed yet but they’re getting there. No paved pathways outside but they do have concrete pathways inside to avoid mud getting inside the room.

Each room has its own porch where you can sit and stay while thinking how good life is and how serene it is in the villa. Here’s where we will be eating our breakfast. Scenic indeed! Inside the room is a simple setup of furniture. The bed is comfortable and they have this elegant-looking mosquito net for it. A ceiling fan and an air conditioner are also available for guests’ comfort when it becomes hot.

During the time we were there, they have not developed a hot and cold shower yet, but maybe they’ll install one as part of the project. By that, we had no choice but to bath with very cold water. Not bad for a hot day, but it was raining when we were there so the temperature was low.

Internet was fine, though. It can get you to most sites but expect that the signal was slow and low. They only have the wireless fidelity (WiFi) available and no cable connections. Mobile signal was a struggle as well. It was hard to get a single bar of hope, you’d need to change locations. You’re gonna experience rural living here. They didn’t put up television on rooms because CED Villas want rural experience for consumers, but there is one on the bar or reception area where travelers can mingle and jingle together.

During the night, Jane told me that it’s already cold in the room so we had to switch off air conditioning and ceiling fan. But then, mosquitos are everywhere so we had to be inside the elegant-looking mosquito net. The villa’s backyard is a forest so expect that there are mosquitos and other insects anywhere. Again, the villa is still in the development stage. Soon, they’re going to build a pool with a clear view of the forest. Can’t wait to go back for that!

Breakfast is being served at 9 am or when you are already awake. Every day is different but often times, they serve pancakes. Yum!


CED Villas - www.thejerny.net

The Offerings at CED Villas

CED Villas offers the following as well.

* Van transport from PPS to El Nido and vice versa
* Transport from the villa to town proper
* Bike and or motorcycle rental
* Tours and packages for your ultimate El Nido experience

You may contact me for quotes and I can help you with your booking as well.

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