CASA TROPICA VILLAS: An Affordable and Instagram-worthy Modern Tropical Villa in Pansol

If you are reading this, then you probably are looking for one of the best hot spring resorts out there in Pansol.

“Out with the old, in with the new”. Let’s stop with Pansol’s old-style swimming pools and private resorts. Once you take a look and have experienced Casa Tropica, you’ll get a whole and fresh idea of what “villas” should be.

Just a little note, this villa is truly “Instagram-worthy”. Make sure you have enough space on your phone.




Inspired by the Balinese type of accommodations and resorts, Casa Tropica Villas is nothing short of spectacular and pure beauty. With such intricate architecture and masterfully designed walls, structure, paintings, and decors, you’ll definitely get to feel that love-at-first-sight instance. hot spring private villa in pansol

This, by far, is the most beautiful villa we have ever stayed on in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. If you have ever been to Bali, that is the feeling or vibe you’d get once you stepped in, the feeling of home and nature in one.


casa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansol casa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansol

You’ll instantly feel relaxed, and nurtured, and refreshed as the inside is totally a different world from the outside. Take a dip at the hot spring pool, and all your worries and stress are taken away.

What’s more good is that they are a pet-friendly resort so you definitely can bring along your cute and lovable pets to stay with you at Casa Tropica (some restrictions apply).



Due to the effects of the pandemic, resorts have been extra careful in dealing with guests and their staff. With Casa Tropica, the COVID-19 protocols are strictly enforced for a safe and worry-free stay of their guests.

Upon entry, you’d immediately notice the welcoming staff fully covered with PPE. Contactless sanitation spray is available by the gate. You’d also need to fill out a sheet with your details for contact tracing before entering as it is required by the LGUs.


The hot spring pool is being drained and cleaned every 12pm to make sure that the next guest will have a safe hot spring pool experience and is being filled throughout the whole afternoon with fresh hot spring water.

Sanitation, Disinfection, and Fogging

Before the guests enter the villa premises, the staff (and owners too) are making sure that all places have been cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected.

NOTE: The villa is using a hospital-grade disinfectant called Endosan, a product from Germany, so you are really sure of the disinfection practices and being safe while at the villa.

UV Disinfection Device

They also identified primary high-touch areas like the knobs, tables, remote controls, stairwell handles, etc., and made sure that every inch is sanitized and disinfected before and after the use of the guests.

The usage of a UV Disinfection device is also implemented for added sanitation.

Fogging is also one of the ways the resort is keeping itself free from viruses and bacteria. Each room is being fogged with a disinfection solution to make sure the sheets are clean and free from germs as the mist solution is penetrating better to other surfaces.

Room Fogging to eliminate excess germs & bacteria


Let’s go next to what you would first see upon entering the gate.


One of the best assets the villa has. The cerulean blue-ish color of the pool makes it very inviting, add the hot spring water and the plants on the other end, a full relaxation can be experienced at hand.

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Me and the Maria Makiling Mural

casa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansol casa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansol casa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansol

You can totally compare the pool design to what you see in resorts in Bali. Undeniably, the best in Pansol! This is also where the mural of Maria Makiling, by Kookoo Ramos, is placed adding a more aesthetic vibe to the area.



One of the common areas of the resort facing the vibrant pool. Enjoy your meals and takeaways at this point in the villa, as well as the videoke/karaoke setup with your friends or family. You can also see the dining hall from the patio on the 2nd floor.



Located at the dining hall/common area. You’ll have the whole place for yourselves so you can hit those high-note songs all the way you like. Best to keep it down after 10 pm.


Staycations will never be complete without cooking and eating. When you book yourselves at Casa Tropica Villas, you have a fully-equipped kitchen for yourselves. So bring your favorite food to cook and for the family to enjoy!


Photo by Project Gora

Located adjacent to the dining hall/common area. A billiard pool is already in place. You can also set it up for a game of Table Tennis. A Dartboard is also placed if in case one wants to use it. Additionally, a foosball will be added for a more engaging experience.

The kids’ play area’s location is the first area beside the kitchen and the pool, just right after your entry to the resort.

Work Area at the Corner

A laptop-friendly space on the second floor where most of the rooms are located. Work from home ready, the resort it is. With a Fiber Internet connection to suffice your work needs, a night is not enough to enjoy a peaceful work at the resort. You can see more of this area on our vlog.


Located at the top-most floor of the resort, where a scenic view of Mt. Makiling can be seen. Can also be used to hold events or date night. It’s also the area where you can see the hot spring pool on top view.

One of our favorite places especially when you are thinking deeply about something. The sky in the daytime and the stars at night make a very wonderful feeling of calmness and tranquility.

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Located at the top-most floor of the resort, where a scenic view of Mt. Makiling can be seen. Can also be used to hold events or date night.


Ideally, there are four rooms in Casa Tropica. One room at the first level, and three rooms at the second level. Each contains its own comfort area and shower room.

The first room at the first level is good for four persons (with 1 queen beds and 1 double bed).



The second room at the second level (on the left) is good for 4 to 8 persons with 2 double-deck beds with queen-sized mattresses. This has a direct view of the mural painting of Maria Makiling. This is where we stayed for the night.

Jane and Jerny


The third room at the second level (on the right) is good for around 10 people or more.


The fourth room which is also good for 4 persons with two queen-sized mattresses has its own terrace with a beautiful view of the pool and the dining hall.


Each room has its own entertainment system, its own comfort area and bathroom (rainshower type with hot & cold shower system), and blanket supply as well. No need to bring your own wash towel as the villa can provide it for you. Just bring your own toiletries.



There are plenty of ways to book Casa Tropica Villas.

  1. Via AIRBNB (with discount)

  • Proceed to this link to book Casa Tropica Villas via Airbnb where you can also get a discount (up to Php 3100+).
  • NOTE: To get the discount, register a new account using this link. Discounts are only applicable once per account upon registration.
  1. Via their Facebook Page

  • Visit their Facebook Page to inquire or book with them directly.
  1. Via Direct Booking

  • Call these numbers for inquiry and booking

Casa Tropica | Contact Info

During our regular business hours, Monday to Sunday, 9:00am to 9:00pm, you may reach us at our contact numbers listed below (but please bear with us every Saturday & Sunday since we only have skeletal staff during weekends).


Landline | (02) 8998-3002
Sun | 0925-798-3002
Globe | 0917-538-9849


Daang Kayganda St. Nayong Maharlika Village
Brgy. Pansol, Calamba, Laguna 4027


See below for affordable rates and pricing or visit this link to see promos, packages, and pricing.


casa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansolcasa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansolcasa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansolcasa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansolcasa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansolcasa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansol casa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansolcasa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansol casa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansol casa-tropica-villas-affordable-instagram-worthy-modern-tropical-villa-pansol

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