Teng Roma Salon at Festival Mall: A Hair Care Experience

Haircare and scalp care are often missed in our lives. Most people are already good with using shampoo and conditioner to start the day, not knowing that these are also the key factors as to why scalps are dry and hair is damaged.

It may not look as important as it is with our other parts of the body but that’s when we are wrong. Not only the skin gets the effect of stress, bad habits, and other bad ailments, but also our head specifically scalp and hair.

Teng Roma Salon at Festival Mall

Teng Roma Salon at Festival Mall owners, stylists, and staff

Together with Jane and a few blogger friends, we visited a high-end salon, Teng Roma Salon at Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City for hair care.

We mostly keep our lifestyle to ourselves but this one is an exception because we had a good experience and we felt good and more beautiful after our session in Teng Roma Salon.


The good thing about Teng Roma Salon is that they don’t just go to the procedure you want but they get to check how is your scalp doing first because it greatly affects the result of your session (haircut, rebond, highlights, etc). They started by analyzing our scalp, if it’s dry and needs moisture or if it’s too oily or normal or whatnot.



Jerny: Scalp Treatment + Haircut

The session I had was the shortest since I am the only male customer in the salon at the time.


The session started by washing off my hair with Kérastase Resistance Thérapiste Shampoo and also because I have put on wax to style it. The staff said that my scalp was dry. After washing it with lukewarm water, they applied a scalp Kerastase RÉSISTANCE Masque Therapiste Hair Mask all over carefully covering my head with it (even the sideburns), massage the scalp for good 5-10 minutes and then had it wrapped all-over with plastic so the moisture could be absorbed by the scalp for 15 minutes.

While the plastic wrap was there, the staff also is giving massage to my upper back applying relieving pressure to the shoulders and shoulder blade area, which is comforting and relaxing. They also asked me if I would want a coffee, tea, or water, so I asked for a coffee. Imagine having that while you are being serviced.

When the time’s up for moisturizing scalp care, they removed the plastic around my head and asked to get up for hair wash again. After washing, my hair was truly smooth, it bounces when I moved. I was truly amazed!

After a while, Alexis, the Senior Stylist at Teng Roma Salon, went over to check my hair and asked me questions about what haircut would I like. I told him I’d like to see what he think is a good hairstyle for me.


Then he had me covered with the barber’s cape and started with the haircut session. His hands were swift and precise and I could feel little to none while he was cutting my hair because it was really that smooth.

The staff who washed my hair and massaged me earlier was keeping sure that the hair doesn’t pile up on my neck or the cape so it won’t distract Alexis, and that it doesn’t get into my face.

When the haircut was done, they asked me to have my hair washed again. Afterwhich, they had me styled while drying my hair and added a little wax onto my hair to style it. I like the haircut very much. I had this haircut before but overall, the service I experienced was superb and something that I would like to do again.

Jerny: After scalp treatment and haircut

Jane: Hair Treatment and Haircut

The session started with Jane’s scalp having checked but the more concern was that her hair was really damaged due to ironing, coloring, and everything that has been done previously. So that one needs to be fixed.

Jane: Before photo


Similar to what was done to mine, she had her hair washed first with lukewarm water and Kérastase Resistance Thérapiste Shampoo – mainly used to treat damaged hair.


Her hair was then towel-dried and applied with the Kerastase RÉSISTANCE Masque Therapiste Hair Mask – it’s a repairing hair mask for weak, over-processed and damaged hair.

The staff was carefully adding the hair mask to treat her damaged hair and also covered her head with plastic to have the hair absorb the hair mask after making sure that every part was applied with it.

She also had a quick massage. Quick, because she was so tingly and she can’t stand other people touching her body, it makes her tickle a lot. So while waiting for the hair treatment to finish, she played with Troffee, Sir Teng’s adorable pet (a Sheltie breed, as far I know).

After having her hair masked with Kerastase Therapiste Hair Mask for about 20-30 minutes, she was asked to get up to have her hair washed so they could proceed with styling and haircut.

Jane with Sir Andi

Sir Andi, the Creative Stylist of Teng Roma Salon, attended her for her hair needs. Her hair was soft as a feather from when it was dried. She didn’t want a haircut though, so instead, she had her hair trimmed to prevent split ends. She loves the current length of her hair.

It was amazing to see how Sir Andi worked with her hair. Similar to Alex, her hands were swift and moving smoothly and makes precise cuts with Jane’s hair. She pulls her hair up and makes accurate cuts.


After the haircut, her hair was blow-dried and styled accordingly to what Jane wanted. It’s amazing to see how a blow drier and brush could make wonders with a woman’s hair, and how the product made repairs to her previously damaged hair.

Jane: After hair treatment and haircut


Jane loves her new hair and the pampering she experienced at Teng Roma Salon. She kept on touching her newly polished hair and that makes me happy too. She felt prettier because her hair looks awesome.

Teng Roma Salon, Sir Alexis, Sir Andi, and the staff made beautiful results and satisfaction to Jane, me and everyone. Thank you for doing a great job! We surely will be back for another pampering session at Teng Roma Salon.



Debbie, Jane, and Jerny
Jane, Cherry, and Jerny

Spice Up Your Look!

At TENG ROMA salon, we specialize in personalizing and providing you with the right hairstyle that is perfectly suited for you! Even if you haven’t selected a style you’d like for your hair, our creative stylist and Seniors are sure to give you something you can flaunt! At TENG ROMA salon, we believe a great haircut compliments the shape of your face, reflects you lifestyle and helps define your personality.

TENG ROMA salon not only delivers you the perfect hairstyle but provides vigorous and affordable haircolor as well. You’ll be ready for a night out with our manicures, pedicures, brow shaping and much more TENG ROMA salon is the best place to be when it comes to beauty.

Andi Sierra
Creative Stylist

Teng Roma Festival Mall Alabang
Expansion Wing Festival Alabang
Muntinlupa City
Operating Hours
10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
For Bookings call 02-4787431 / 09175570014

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Jane with Sir Andi
Sir Andi, Jane, and Jerny


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