How to Request Marriage Certificate Online via PSAHelpline.PH [+Review]

Congratulations! You are now officially married! However, in the Philippines, for you to truly change your name and status (not just on Facebook) is to finally get your documents legally. One of the documents you needed, in order to change your name and status, is the Marriage Certificate.

Let’s face it, we’re still in the middle of the pandemic. Even though getting to the PSA Office is already possible, getting in contact with another person throughout the whole day process might just make you sick (hopefully not!). So here’s a guide for you on how to request your Marriage Certificate online.

Step-by-Step on How to Request your Marriage Certificate Online

In my experience, the fastest way of requesting your Marriage Certificate is thru PSAHelpline.Ph

  1. Visit and click on Order Now.
  2. Choose Certificate Type. You can choose to request for Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, CENOMAR, and Death Certificate. For this tutorial, choose Marriage Certificate.
    Don’t forget to agree on the terms.
  3. If you are personally requesting the certificate, select My Own Marriage Certificate. Otherwise, choose the other one.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Now, fill in your details and click continue to go to the next page and fill in other details needed for your request.
  6. Fill in the purpose of your request.
  7. Depending on your purpose, you may select the most appropriate. Otherwise, just select None.
  8. The next page will ask you to confirm your details and also shows the amount that you need to pay for each copy. Please read the notice, check Confirm, and click Continue.
  9. You will then be given a reference number and you will select your preferred payment method. Payment method includes Credit Card; Gcash; Paymaya; 7-Eleven; Bayad Center; Palawan Pawnshop; Bancnet; and Dragonpay.
  10. After confirming payment, you will just need to wait for a few days before your PSA Marriage Certificate is delivered to your address.

There are good and bad things that the pandemic has created. One good thing about it is the increased mobility and easy access to our official document requests. Payment methods have been updated as well to reflect current changes in the new normal requirement. Getting your official documents have never been this easy! Get your certificates now via!

Delivery of Documents

After a few days, PSAHelpline.PH has delivered my requested Marriage Certificate. What’s good about their service was that they are providing timely updates as to what happened why the delivery would be delayed and when would they be able to deliver the document successfully.

I ordered my document on Feb 16 (after 8pm online). By February 18, they sent me an email update that my document is now being processed. Normally, it was expected that the document would be released within that same day (Feb 18), unfortunately, my order wasn’t added to the batch for release so they sent an email regarding that too.

By February 20, they sent me an update about the document being released by PSA. On February 21, I also received an email update that the document has been dispatched for delivery and within that day, I was able to receive our Marriage Certificate from PSA.

Within 5 days, our order was delivered and the process was smooth. Some applications are delivered within 3 days, depending maybe on the location, but getting the document after 5 days is already good enough given that I only waited and paid online.

We definitely recommend that you get your PSA Documents via PSAHelpline.PH for easy and smooth processing of your official documents that will help you save time and effort. Visit to request your official documents online delivered straight to your home.