Hostel Gingakuji: An AirBnb Hostel in Kyoto, Japan

Hostel Gingakuji is owned and managed by Rio. Its operation started in June 2015. See where we stayed in Osaka here.

Hostel Ginkakuji -

Location: 58-2 Nishida-cho Jyodoji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

We booked the room via AirBnb. There actually are a lot of choices but a hostel is a must experience for travellers and it’s also a cheaper option than hotels. Plus, upon seeing what’s included when you book a room, it’s truly a better option than other accommodations.

Hostel Ginkakuji -

Hostel Ginkakuji -

Hostel Ginkakuji -

The hostel comes with a free mobile wifi device which you can bring anywhere while you are booked, free use of bicycles, a kitchen with complete appliances like you are in the comfort of your own home, soap and shampoos and other more things that you must find out by yourself! hostel gingakuji

The living room or common area is where the hostel guests are staying when not doing anything or just plainly wants to make a small talk and initiate a little interaction with other guests. It is also where the traditional tea ceremony is being held in by Rio. But at that time, he had not experienced the ceremony because he is quite busy.

Hostel Ginkakuji -

There also are quite a number of rooms for different guests needs. We had the room for four persons but I think it’s quite good for even a larger number of guests, like two or 3 more can fit inside. The room comes with an air-conditioner to choose a plain cold environment or a warmer temperature, provided with towels and blankets. All the other things you might need are outside your room which you can share with other hostel guests. hostel gingakuji

What’s so great about this hostel that I recommend booking your stay here?

Well, first of all, dude, FREE Portable WIFI! Free items are a good plus especially when you are in an unfamiliar place and might need an online map to navigate the places, and most of all, it keeps you connected.

Hostel Ginkakuji -

Second is the free use of bicycles! I mean, man, you can roam around town without having to pay for bus fees, etc. Just a bike will help you get to where you wanted to be! I told you in my other article that we just used bicycles all the way from the hostel to Fushimi-Inari Shrine at midnight. Hihi!

Third, this hostel is with complete facilities. You can actually live here for long. Fourth, it’s Rio, the manager itself. He’s very accommodating and kind and will keep you informed and will help you with your other agendas. Just do not hesitate to ask him. He’s a very friendly guy! hostel gingakuji

Hostel Gingakuji -

Hostel Ginkakuji -

It’s also nearby Gingaku-ji Temple, Philosopher’s Walk, Yasaka Shrine, other temples and shrines that are known by the locals.  hostel gingakuji

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