7 Rides in Universal Studios Japan That’s Worth the Waiting Time!

Last December, me and my friends (Emil, Kimberly, and Frani) went on a surreal adventure to Japan. We booked tickets 9 months away before the actual flight and look at how time flew fast.

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On our 1st official day in Osaka, we would never want to miss the spectacular Universal Studios Japan located in the area. It was cold but we didn’t bother that cold, we were filled with excitement and enthusiasm to finally step on our very first Universal Studios visit. My friends came all the way from Tokyo and made some day trips there visiting spots in Tokyo before heading to Osaka,

We left at about 8 or 9 am from our AirBnB suite. Universal Studios Japan is 30-45mins away from our location, Umeda, and we have to ride a train to get to Sakurajima Station from Umeda Station.

It was very exciting and we couldn’t contain the happiness so we took a lot of photos up at the entrance. We also would have to fall in line for our entrance tickets that cost 7,400 Yen each for a 1-day pass. If you have a lot of time in Osaka, I suggest you get to buy the 2-day pass to make sure you’ll be able to ride and see all of the attractions offered by Universal Studios Japan. To get the most out of your time, read this 2-day Osaka itinerary.

Universal Studios Japan - thejerny.net

I admit, we didn’t get to see all of the universal studios Japan or ride each of the attractions but here’s my suggested list of the MUST-SEE attractions on the park that’s really worth all your waiting time!

1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in 4K3D

Universal Studios Japan - thejerny.net

Universal Studios Japan - thejerny.net

First on our list is the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Why? Whether you are or not a fan of Harry Potter, you should put this on your top priority. This ride will leave you in awe and great wonder like how were they able to achieve those effects, etc and most especially, this 4-5min ride will leave you asking and most likely, you’ll look forward to experiencing more!

Harry Potter fans will surely love this ride! You’d wish you’d get to touch the Golden Snitch, be terrified from the live Dementors, and get to see the Harry Potter casts in their full form welcoming and congratulating you on your journey!

But hold on, be warned that the waiting time here is very long. You need your full patience here unless you bought an express ride ticket. It took us about 2 hours before we get to experience the 4-5 minutes ride but indeed, it is a ride of a lifetime! If you don’t have enough patience to wait in long lines, buy a Universal Express Pass!

2. Hollywood Dream – The Ride – Backdrop

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Next on our list is this exhilarating ride, the Backdrop! Honestly, we weren’t able to catch this ride on time, it closes out 7pm and we arrived at 7:05. Just 5mins late and eh. We really wanted to take this ride, however, we weren’t able to look out for the entrance and starting line because there are other attractions on the way and we would love to explore those in the way before we get to the Backdrop goal, unfortunately, we failed.

But worry not, this is the second on the list so it’s one of the most exciting roller coaster rides of your life. Why it’s called a backdrop? Because your coaster is running backward!

“After being pulled up by your back to a height of 43 meters, you’ll dive from the back of your head looking at the sky. The ultimate thrill of being unable to see where you’re going or predict what will come next. A shock that makes you want to grab onto something. A gust of wind blowing from the back of your head will tell you how fast you’re going. An unknown experience of plunging headlong will result in an ultimate thrill.”

3. Hollywood Dream – The Ride

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Third, comes the Hollywood Dream – The Ride! It’s your natural roller coaster thing but you’ll be on your favorite music or soundtrack of choice while in it. Notice the speakers located on the seat on your head, that’s where the music shows off. While on air, you get to hear the music loud and clear! Oh, most soundtracks are Japanese though.

We also weren’t able to ride this one, we can’t find the entrance! Universal Studios Japan is too big that we can’t explore it for just a day especially with its opening and closing times.

4. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman – The Ride

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman - The Ride

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman - The Ride

Just like the top on our list, The Amazing Adventure of Spiderman – The Ride, our last on the spot has 4K3D effects as well. We also didn’t get to experience this ride due to lack of time but I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one!

It’s a fight between Spiderman and the Sinister Syndicate in full action 3D! It’s been tagged as world’s best ride for 7 consecutive years due to its overwhelming special effects! Exciting!

5. Jaws

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman - The Ride

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman - The Ride

Fifth on our list in the Jaws! boat ride! Yes, it is a boat ride! Oh, and a very exciting one. If you’re a fan of Jaws movie, you’d surely love this ride!

The boat can accommodate more than 20 people. While you are on the boat tour, a guide will be your host, it’ll feel like you are being attacked by a shark! The good thing here is that the hosts are too enthusiastic and energetic in acting on the scenes. You’ll think it’s real with the fire blasting and water splashing effects plus a big white shark trying to eat your boat, whole with you in it! Good thing there is the host to protect us from those bad sharks. Hehe!

This is a very enjoyable ride here! It took us not more than 20 mins of waiting for our turn.

6. Jurassic Park – The Ride

Universal Studios Japan - thejerny.net

Here’s sixth on our list, Jurassic Park – The Ride!

We got here during the night and it was even more thrilling. You’ll be riding a boat, going through the chambers of the dinosaur’s den. It was peaceful at first but as the story goes on, it’s terrifying! Jurassic Park lovers would want this to be on their top list.

The twist is on the last part so get ready because what will happen next was very unexpected! You thought you’d get eaten alive by a T-Rex!

7. Flight of the Hippogriff

Universal Studios Japan - thejerny.net

Harry Potter fans collide! Your Hippogriff flight dream awaits here! But stop for a moment, this is not a real hippogriff. It’s a roller coaster ride for all ages (except infants, obviously). It’s a safe Hippogriff coaster ride just like what you see in fun fairs except that you’ll be wandering around Hagrid’s house!

It’s a roller coaster ride for all ages (except infants, obviously). It’s a safe Hippogriff coaster ride just like what you see in fun fairs except that you’ll be wandering around Hagrid’s house! The views you see at the top is the exciting thing on this ride! We’ll even if it’s more tagged for kids, we enjoyed it.

We’ll even if it’s more tagged for kids, we enjoyed it.

Universal Studios Japan - thejerny.net

And those, my friends, are our top lists for the Universal Studios Attractions! I believe they have new rides and attractions now so you better check it out yourself! I promise you’ll enjoy every bit of Japan!

Disclaimer: Some photos are not mine. Credit goes to the owner.

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