5 Ways You Can Live A Healthy Lifestyle By Growing Your Own Garden

Staying at home doesn’t mean you have to live your life completely online, you can have a healthy lifestyle in the real world with some simple ideas. In fact, there are a ton of activities you can do right in the comfort of your home. One among these include growing your garden.

Sure, while laying on the couch and spending the day on social media is a bliss, turning to gardening can help you improve your physical and emotional well being, which are both crucial in this time of pandemic. In fact, there now comes a ton of health benefits associated with this practice.

Below, we have rounded up the top 5 ways how growing your own garden can lead you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Whether you simply want to do something productive amid the pandemic or embrace a healthier life, expect that this habit will drive you more benefits than you could imagine. Read on.

The Health Benefits of Gardening

Fresh Veggies and Fruits

Perhaps, this is the most obvious perk one could get from growing his own garden. As you might have already heard, there’s a big difference between the fruit you’ve bought at the supermarket and the one you’ve picked in your garden. 

Generally, not only is the latter fresher, but its vitamin content is also higher. As a result, not only will you be able to enjoy tastier fruits and veggies, but you’ll also get to access healthier foods that lack harmful chemicals.

On top of its health benefit, having your own source of fresh fruits and vegetables also serve as a wise financial investment. Not only will this provide you with instant access to food, but it can also provide the opportunity to set up your own business in case your garden grew abundantly.

Outdoor Exercise

Let’s face it: gardening comes as an arduous activity. From weeding, raking, lifting, to more, there comes a ton of physical activities involved in keeping the task going. With this, it’s not surprising that growing a garden is also considered to be a good form of outdoor exercise.

To date, especially with the world still under lockdown due to COVID-19 crisis, keeping your body active is necessary to improve endurance, enhance cardiovascular health, and boost immunity. On top of that, since gardening is done under the sun, it can also serve as a great way to boost your vitamin D levels, which benefits your bones and immune system

Mood-boosting Effect

With most of us still required to stay indoors, feelings of anxiety and isolation are likely to heighten. With this, the importance of growing a garden is even more crucial. This is because engaging in gardening activities have been proven to help boost your mood

First, by getting our hands dirty, we can get in contact with a specific soil bacterium, called Mycobacterium vaccae, which triggers the release of serotonin in our brain. Second, latest studies found that harvesting foods also triggers the release of dopamine in our brain. 

That reaction which the researchers believe to have developed over nearly 200,000 years ago, back in the age of hunting gathering.

Exposure to nature

Similar to when we go out on a camping or outdoor adventure, having our own garden connects us closer to nature, which also has the ability to help refresh our minds and elevate our moods. From the sound of the trees breathing to the smell of the fresh grass, our exposure to nature gives us comfort and even triggers our creative minds.

Better air quality

Last but not the least, since plants act as natural air purifiers, you can expect that they can help improve the air quality  in both your outdoor and indoor setting. Essentially, this is because plants serve as natural air purifiers  that absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

This means that the more plants you grow, the better air quality you can expect within your place.

The Bottom Line

Getting tired of having to spend your day staring at a screen? Embrace the physical scene by turning your attention to gardening and let the earth help you remember what it feels like to be happy and outside again.