Help Yourself and Your Doctor Manage Psoriasis Better with MyPso App!

Everybody knows it’s hard to track and record symptoms, causes, triggers, and even monitor cases of a Psoriasis attack. Doctors and patients would need to backtrack what has happened, what caused the attack, and what could be the possible way to prevent it from the happening in the future.

MyPso App - Manage Psoriasis Better -

Leo Pharma, a pharmaceutical company of over 100 years, developed an application called  “My Psoriasis (MyPso)” that will help Psoriasis patients record, monitor, track physiological changes, triggers, and causes to better manage Psoriasis and their condition.

MyPso App is useful for a patient’s everyday living. Can be conveniently used at home, in the office, while traveling on a holiday, and even on your leisure time. Track your symptoms, identify possible causes, compare symptoms with other patients in the community, anytime, anywhere. It comes with practical advice and tips that support patients to make small changes that can make a big impact on their skin condition sooner or later in the future.

MyPso App - Manage Psoriasis Better -

MyPso App - Manage Psoriasis Better -

MyPso App will help you create photo galleries of your skin progress, identify triggers of flare-ups, illustrate the progress of treatment, and can even generate a report to share with a professional to help with the condition. The app will also help to remind you to take your medicine at a specified time to ensure compliance and avoid inevitable issues with medication.

Psoriasis and the Love to Travel

You are a psoriasis patient. You get skin flare-ups every single time and you think people will hate you for this skin condition. Never, ever, think that way! Psoriasis, remember, is not a contagious disease. Yes, you flare up, yes you have red spots anywhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live the life you wanted to.

People have nothing to do with what you ought to do. Surround yourself with people who are supporting you. Keep away from people that induce stress and negativity. Always be happy. Keep on smiling. Keep that positivity. It will help you lessen your skin ailment. It will lift up your spirit like a freeman.

MyPso App - Manage Psoriasis Better -

MyPso App - Manage Psoriasis Better -

With MyPso App, you can track your skin changes and help others in the community. You can tell them what they should do in order to manage the skin condition, in order to live a wonderful and healthy life. A happy and stress-free living. Be the source of their positivity. Be a source of their strength. For what makes them happy, is a gift you could give to yourself and that one thing is the most important thing. Show the community your love, your respect to them, your way of life. This will encourage them to live the life they truly deserve and tell themselves, “I am a master of myself.”

MyPso App is currently available for iPhone and Android devices.
Download MyPso App here from Leo Pharma website. Click me — > MyPso App

For more information, kindly visit Leo Pharma website.

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