5 Safety Tips While You’re Traveling

Safety is a significant question when speaking about traveling. Traveling takes you anywhere and anywhere, there could be possible dangers. Every single time a person is traveling, that person is also at risk. Some people do not think of these vulnerabilities until it happens to them. safety tips travel

I have spoken to a friend who has been severely injured while doing cliff jumps. Now, he can’t do any more cliff jumps because the last jump he had made his spinal cord dislocated, fortunately, he was still alive. At the first few days, he couldn’t get to feel his feet, he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t move a single finger because of the injury, lucky for him, he still recovered. He still keeps on traveling but never did cliff jumping again.

5 Safety Tips While You’re Traveling

These tips here are based on my own experience and the people who I talked with.

1. Send your parents a message or leave an itinerary before going out

5 Safety Tips While You're Traveling - https://thejerny.net

This one is often neglected. Even though we are already adults and thinks that our parents don’t care about us anymore, you are entirely wrong. At the back of their minds, they are wondering where you are and if you are still doing okay and if you are safe. A single message telling them that you are well will help ease their minds and move at their own comfort. This doesn’t apply to moms alone, this applies even to your brothers, sisters, friends you trust, and your other relatives.

2. Keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone

This goes especially for the drivers. If you are driving, surely you have to focus on the road or else you’d be heading to the hospital for fractured bones or unconsciousness plus giving you more headache because of the hospital bills and the amount you have to pay for your car to be repaired.

While you are walking, stop if you are going to use your phone. If your phone captured too much of your attention and you still keep on walking, you could bump into anyone or anything leading to extra damages. Pause if you are about to cross the street, you might not notice if it’s okay to cross or not since you are too much focused on your phone screen. safety tips travel

3. Check your surroundings

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I’m not gonna tell you to do this every single time but you have to know that not every people we come across are always the good guys especially if you are traveling on your own. I think that you have to be precautious about just anything. If you suspect or feel that something is not right, obey your instincts. If you feel you are not safe, look for a more secure place like a crowded street or stay a while inside a restaurant until you are feeling safe.

4. Do not connect to unsecured hotspots5 Safety Tips While You're Traveling - https://thejerny.net

In this age of the internet where you can find hotspots anywhere and your important data is mostly stored on your phone, you have to be very vigilant. I suggest that you should not connect to public and unsecured wifi hotspots as these could lead to a breach of data in your smartphone and internet hacking. Do you want to lose your private passwords and some money in your accounts? I bet not! safety tips travel

5. Bring a local friend with you

It always pays to have a local friend to join you on your journey. Not only you could get to check out some hidden spots in a certain place, he also knows how to keep you safe. Traveling with a local is like giving yourself some assurance and security that you won’t run into troubles because someone familiar with the place is there with you. A local companion is best especially on trips to another land where you are not known by anyone.

5 Safety Tips While You're Traveling - https://thejerny.net

These safety tips could definitely give you a boost when you are traveling. It pays to know what to do before heading on to a journey to the unknown. It’s okay to be spontaneous, it’s okay to always experience the fun and excitement, but it’s not okay when everything goes right out of hand. Safety should always be a traveler’s number one priority.  safety tips travel

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