Delectable Evening at Mexicano Restaurante in Bangkok

Visiting Bangkok includes looking up for the best dishes, best food, may it be the exotic ones from locals or a foreign one from a respectable restaurant. This definitely is one of the best things we had experienced in Bangkok that you too, shouldn’t miss. Being a backpacker means you have to live cheap but once in a while, we have to relax and give ourselves a good break. [Read: Bangkok to Indonesia Itinerary]

Our night in the city wouldn’t have been better without the delectable delights from a Mexican restaurant we found in the heart of Sukhumvit. Mexicano Restaurante offers a foreign delight in one of the city’s busiest district which can be found in Rembrandt Hotel.

Mexicano Restaurante -

A high-end restaurant ready to serve your picky palates. Mexicano Restaurante is the first original Mexican restaurant in Bangkok and currently has the best Mexican cuisine in town. They provide authentic offerings, from food choices to the taste of music – all in this one place. Upon hearing ‘high-end’ you might have stepped back a little, but fret not, because Mexicano Restaurante not only offers genuine Mexican cuisines or vegan meals, they also offer the most affordable authentic Mexican experience you could have while in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mexicano Restaurante Dinner Delight

Our evening (and dinner) could not have been anymore greater without visiting an awesome place like Mexicano Restaurante.

Upon stepping onto the restaurant’s reception area, all we could ever think was that we’re eager to try and taste all their awesome servings. We can already hear the musicians playing, so calm and so inviting. Everyone was so friendly and courteous and comes with a smile. We were never wrong about getting to the place.

Mexicano Restaurante -
Musical Stage
Mexicano Restaurante -
BestSellers Choice

We ordered the best sellers – Guacamole En Molcajete, Fiesta De Botanas, Tacos Suadero, Fajitas Supreme, Nachos Guacamole, Strawberry and Passion Fruit Margaritas, and Flan de Coco for the dessert.

And to make sure they were fresh, the Guacamole was made in front of us. Yes, they mixed everything in and we’ve got the chance to see how it was done. Fresh avocado, mixed in with tomatoes and other spices. Mmm, tasted like heaven! Strangely, it felt so good to see that the food is being prepared in front of your naked eyes.

Mexicano Restaurante -
Jerny and Jane at Mexicano Restaurante

The Margaritas served (Strawberry and Passion Fruit) was one of the best we’ve tasted. For my own taste, it just got the right blend of tequila and fruit in its mix. Not too strong and not too shallow. My girlfriend and I definitely enjoyed it. I also had a taste of their bestseller beer. This one’s strong! Best enjoyed with spicy food combination.

Mexicano Restaurante -
Strawberry Margarita

This one we loved the most, too. The Fiesta de Botanas – mixed appetizer with a cheese quesadilla, bolas de queso con chiles, spicy chicken wings, chicken flautas, and guacamole. This mix of great food is one I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Our most favorite on this part was the cheese balls, it’s heaven inside your mouth!

Mexicano Restaurante -
Bolas de Queso con chiles

Fajitas Supreme – a mix of roasted prawns, chicken, and beef. This one could be wrapped with flour tortillas and you can mix it in with your guacamole, or chili sauce. Once you smelled it, the temptation to eat everything will never get off your mind. Swear!

Mexicano Restaurante -
Fajitas Supreme

For the dessert, we had Flan de Coco. A smooth mixture of coconut cream caramel, saute pineapple, and pistachio sorbet. Perfect treat before you leave is to take a spoon of it and taste its creaminess and indulge with delightfulness.

Mexicano Restaurante -
Flan de Coco

Mexicano Restaurante -

Their head chef, Chef Carlos, puts his heart in every delicacy. Hence, why everyone would truly love to have a taste of their Mexican food. We didn’t get a chance to take a photo with him but we saw his dedication there! This restaurant has become the very foundation of every Mexican themed restaurant in the country.

About Mexicano Restaurante and Rembrandt Hotel

Previously known as “Señor Pico”, Mexicano Restaurante is located at Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok. It has been the pioneering Mexican restaurant that offers the great dining experiences for Mexican cuisine confirmed by Bangkok diners and visiting guests from around the world for more than two decades.

Rembrandt Hotel is centrally located in the heart of Bangkok off of Sukhumvit Road. Guests may access the hotel either from Sukhumvit Soi 18 or Sukhumvit Soi 20 as the property extends the length of the block. They offer luxury, outstanding services, and facilities to satisfy all travelers to Bangkok, Thailand. It is conveniently located near the central business district as well as shopping attractions, city landmarks, and vibrant nightlife.

For reservations, please contact 02-261-7100 # Mexicano or book via by messaging their page or visiting

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.