COFFEE PROJECT: Your “Instagramable” Cafe in the Metro

A place for unwinding and chill, a place to just relax and chat with friends, our favorite place away from home, a coffee shop. Here, we spend most of our time after office or even stop for a while to get to sip a favorite cup of coffee.

Coffee Project -

Coffee shops are now a trend. From the overwhelming branches of Starbucks and a few more hype coffee shops, here comes another one to achieve a place in the battlefield – COFFEE PROJECT. If you are such a coffee lover, here are some questions that a coffee lover knows how to answer.

One Thursday morning, I and my friends (Lhicel, Kristine, Nitchelyn, and Tanya) with my girlfriend, Jane, gathered for a special meeting. It has been long since we met and at most times, we spend this time on coffee shops, chatting and talking about new things and future endeavors. Two of them are working in the building where the cafe is located at and they both suggested to meet at Coffee Project in Shaw, Mandaluyong.

Coffee Project -

Design and Interiors

Overwhelmed by how lovely their interior was, we immediately put our phones out from our pockets and started taking photos of this cute, err lovely cafe interiors. Greeting friends afterward.

The scenery felt like we were in a garden, but we’re actually inside a coffee shop. In the ceiling hangs those green and yellow leaves which are of course pleasing to the eyes. Green helps our eyes to maintain focus. With calming lights added, the place is an absolute dream.

One thing you’ll notice is the abundance of flowers in the area. From their ceiling to the side decors, flowers are spotted everywhere. Truly perfect for your Instagram scenes.

Bird cages are also part of the design, however, there are no birds inside to delight you. Just a decor for your lovely eyes (and picture perfect poses).

Bicycles are part of the interior layout as well, but they are static. They can’t be hopped on as they are attached to the wall or above your table. A cool addition to the garden feels inside.

Not just the dining area made us overwhelmed. If you’re gonna take a dump or cleanse your hands, their comfort room is the best place for you. I wasn’t able to take a photo but I’m sure you’d be delighted as much as we were when we saw how neat looking was their comfort room. Even this part here was Instagram worthy.

WiFi in the cafe was also available. To get a password, ask your Barista for it. Speed was just okay, it’ll keep you connected on Facebook and Instagram.

Specialty and Delectable Menu

Let’s now go to their specialty, coffee, pastries, pasta, and breakfast menu. Coffee Project offers specialty or third wave coffees. But they do have the second wave coffees too, just like those you can savor from Starbucks. Take a look at their menu here.

Since it was morning, a few of my friends ordered the breakfast bestseller, the Beef Tapa. While I ordered an Arrabiatta. Of course, all of these were partnered with Coffee Project’s coffee and non-coffee specialties like Ice Blended Green Macha, Hot Espresso Roast, Cafe Mocha, and a few more after the first serving. We had two servings of coffee each. Their roast was good. Perfect for tired eyes and cold temperature in the cafe.

Coffee Project -

The place and almost every corner of it were Instagram-able. You will never get tired of the place and would want to stay longer if possible. With the calming background music, you truly will experience a relaxing coffee treat.

Coffee Project has plenty of branches now from all over the Metro. This branch we were in was located at Worldwide Corporate Center in Shaw Boulevard across Starmall. You may check out their other branches as well.

Coffee Project -

P.S. This is a good place not only for friends but for those with partners too!

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