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Tahna de Veyra blogs at UrbanPonder.com, a site for the curious urbanite. She also offers copywriting services via CopywritingWhiz.com. Endlessly curious and life-hungry, Tahna loves to spend her time exploring, be it via the books and articles she reads, the stuff she watches on TV and the Internet, or the experiences she gets in real life. Although a veritable introvert, she loves to meet new people and looks forward to crossing paths with you someday.
Padyakan sa Bataan - https://thejerny.net
On April 9 each year, Filipinos enjoy a non-working holiday in commemoration of Araw ng Kagitingan, also known as the Day of Valor. Oftentimes, the schedule is adjusted so it falls on a Friday. This results in a long weekend or a three-day vacation for many Filipinos. People get into an excited frenzy as they prepare for...